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How to choose the right dance style for you.

Hey, you! Thinking of diving into the world of dance? Woohoo, congratulations! Get ready to groove, express yourself, and have a blast. But hold up, with a gazillion dance styles out there, how do you pick the perfect one? Fear not, my friend! We've got your back. So put on your dancing shoes, and let's find the dance style that matches your personality and gets you grooving to the beat.

First things first, what kind of music makes your heart skip a beat? Different dance styles are fueled by different types of music, so choose a style that harmonizes with your musical soul. Whether it's contemporary's storytelling melodies or the infectious beats of commercial hip-hop, let the music become your inspiration and ignite your creativity.

Next, consider your personality. Are you a burst of energy, ready to explode on the dance floor, or do you prefer a more introspective vibe? Are you all about structure or do you thrive on improvisation? Let your personality shine and guide you to the dance style that aligns with your true dance spirit. If you're outgoing and bursting with energy, the wild world of hip-hop or jazz might be your calling. Seeking discipline and grace? Ballet, contemporary or acro might just be the perfect fit. Remember, any dance style is a gateway to expressing your emotions and finding your creative groove!

It's also important to consider your goals for dancing. What's your dance floor dream? Do you see yourself dazzling the stage with jaw-dropping moves, or is your main goal to have a killer time while staying active? Are you focused on mastering a specific style or open to the wild and wonderful world of dance exploration? Your goals shape your dance journey, so keep them in mind as you shimmy through the options and find the dance style that'll bring you that rush of fulfilment.

Next to consider is finding Your Dance Guru!

We're all unique beings, and we respond differently to various teaching styles. So, make sure to find a dance coach or teacher who vibes with your learning style. To fully enjoy the benefits of a dance style, you need a mentor who speaks your dance language. Find that sensational dance guru who understands your quirks, nurtures your growth, and sets the stage for your epic dance adventure!

Finally, don't be afraid to dip your toes (or pirouette if you're feeling fancy) into different dance styles. This is your time to experiment, explore, and have a blast! Try on different dance shoes, twirl in various genres, and see what feels like a match made in dance heaven. Remember, the dance floor is your playground, and the key to finding the perfect style is to embrace the joy, passion, and unbridled fun that dance offers!

10 Tips for finding YOUR dance style!

1. Reflect on Your Jam: Get in the zone and think about the music, rhythms, and moves that make your heart race. Are you all about those high-energy beats or do you prefer graceful and expressive melodies?

2. Goal Getter: Time to define your dance aspirations. Are you aiming to take the stage by storm, compete like a dance warrior, connect with fellow dancers, or simply revel in the joy of dancing?

3. Unleash Your Physicality: Flexibility, strength, and unique abilities make you the dance dynamo you are! Take a moment to evaluate what you bring to the dance floor. Some styles require mind-blowing flexibility, while others thrive on strength and technique.

4. Style Safari: It's time to go on a dance exploration expedition! Dive into the world of ballet, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, acro, or even folk dances. Immerse yourself in performances, rock those dance classes, or get your groove on at introductory workshops. Test the waters, feel the vibes, and find the style that gives you that "heck yeah, I found it!" feeling.

5. Emotion Connection: Are you all about intense and passionate expressions, or do you lean toward light-hearted and joy-filled movement? Identify the emotions that resonate with you.

6. Inspiration Nation: Who are the dance maestros that light your fire and make your jaw drop? Discover the dancers and choreographers who inspire you to take flight on the dance floor. Explore their unique styles, channel their energy, and see if they align with your aspirations and personality.

7. Culture Vulture: Let's dive into the rich tapestry of dance styles rooted in diverse cultures. If a particular cultural heritage speaks to your soul, it's a fantastic starting point for exploring dance forms that will ignite your passion.

8. Dance Whisperers: Seek out the wise sages of the dance world—dance instructors and professionals who can guide you with their expertise. They'll be your dance compass, helping you navigate the vast ocean of styles. They'll match your personality, goals, and dreams with the perfect dance style.

9. Teaching Tango: Discover the teaching methods that make your learning experience soar. Embrace the learning journey that syncs perfectly with your vibrant self!

10. Trust Your Dance Instincts: Close your eyes, feel the rhythm pulsating through your veins, and trust your gut. Your intuition knows what style inspires you. Listen to that inner voice, choose the dance style that fills you with joy, excitement, and a sense of fulfilment. Remember, dance is all about letting loose and enjoying the incredible journey!

Boom! By taking these ten tips into account, you'll be like a dance detective, narrowing down your options until you discover that one dance style that screams "This is me!" There's no rulebook here, just the pursuit of joy and authentic self-expression. So, dance like nobody's watching and find that groove that sets your soul on fire!

Get ready to dive into a world of rhythmical bliss. Let's do this!

Dance with love, passion, and purpose

Coach Lizette

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